Our Story of Innovation and Success

We are a team of professionals who assist companies in modernizing with innovative and attentive business development solutions to boost sales and revenue. We help you make the most of this digital era by providing sought after business development solutions for all niches. We came together from various backgrounds with one vision: to bring a lean, user-centric approach to product innovation and software development by completely understanding the business needs before building anything.
We aspire to touch the lives of millions of people, through information technology and listen to their challenges and ambitions. We develop technology from scratch to launch by realizing your aspirations and assist you in the relevant fields with optimal services. We support start-ups in turning ideas into products and businesses in undergoing digital transformation.

Why We Are Your Best Choice

Effective Use of Technology

We deliver innovative software solutions that leverage emerging technologies to drive business growth.

Strong and Positive Leadership

We fosters a culture of trust, collaboration, & innovation, driving successful project delivery & business growth.

Excellent Customer Service

Exceptional service & support throughout the development process, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Healthy Work Environment

We foster a supportive & positive work environment that encourages creativity, growth, & work-life balance.

Our History

We create dreams for the future.
We realize them successfully.

JAN 2016

Former Journey

First Logic Meta Lab, formerly known as Infotick Solutions, was established with five members, mainly doing web designing and development services. The head office was located at Perinthalmanna, Kerala, India.

From Infotick Solutions to First Logic

Infotick Solutions changed its name to First Logic Meta Lab to reflect its commitment to innovation and using cutting-edge technologies. With a talented team and customer-centric approach, the company is poised to continue its growth and success in the industry. The rebranding marks an exciting new chapter in our history.

MAY 2018

FEB 2019

Adapting and Thriving

The company's workforce has grown to 12 employees since the pandemic began. During the lockdown period, the company utilized the time to encourage its employees to learn new technologies and skills, which has led to the implementation of innovative solutions in its custom projects. As a result, the company maintains a competitive edge in the market. Leveraging the pandemic lockdown period as a learning and development opportunity, the company was able to adapt to the changing business landscape and emerge stronger from the crisis.

A Strong Commitment to Employee Growth and Customer Satisfaction

First Logic Meta Lab registered as a Private Limited Company. With a team of over 50 employees, the company boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various departments and sub-departments. The company invests in employees' growth, earning a reputation as a tech industry leader, and delivering quality products across diverse sectors.

JUL 2022

FEB 2023

Major Growth With Expanded Workforce & Global Client Base

With a client base of over 200 from more than 10 countries, the company is set to achieve significant growth in the technology industry. By investing in its employees' growth, the company has established a reputation as a leader in the industry, delivering innovative and custom solutions to its clients. With a focus on excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction, First Logic Meta Lab is well-positioned to continue providing unparalleled value to its clients and driving innovation in the technology industry.

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